Recycling and Waste Collection Services

GreenLine Solutions is committed to finding cost-effective and efficient methods of handling your disposal needs.


GreenLine Solutions is partnered with the Clark County Recycling District (Indiana) to provide residential recycling pickup.

Contact Clark County Recycling District for container options and additional information.

What can be Recycled?

Paper Products

Junk mail/folders computer, school, and office paper magazines, phone books, catalogs flattened cardboard (includes boxes; multiple flattened boxes, cardboard must be tied) clean pizza boxes paperboard drink cartons (caps and straws removed preferably) newspapers (including inserts) paper grocery bags

Plastics & Metals

Aluminum, steel, and tin cans plastic bottles & jugs

Glass & Plastic

Glass bottles and jars


GreenLine Solutions recognizes that commercial business is a large piece of the recycling industry. We can customize your recycling program to properly select your container sizes and quantity along with selecting a pickup schedule that meets your needs.

Community Partners

Paper Products

We have developed working relationships with multiple local towns and municipalities to educate and encourage recycling within our community.